Beating Midday Sun with Flash And Umbrella - One Way

I was taking some 'new entrant' photos yesterday and the child's mother really wanted the background to be a certain particular red brick wall. Continuity with a previous set with the older daughter was the reason. Fair enough too.

But, the sun was really bright, as in, too bright. So I took everyone around the other side of the building and wouldn't you know it, not a clean surface anywhere. Downpipes and a raised concrete base conspired to leave the only clean area the overly sunlit area on the other side.

Enter sudden flash of genius* - put up the large 60 inch Impact Convertible Umbrella, with the reflective cover on & use it as a sun shade.** Perfect size for putting a 5 year old in a large hunk of shade.

But as soon as that problem was solved another raised its head. A sudden change in the weather meant a wind sprang up, making it impossible to keep the umbrella up. No one is too concerned though. Rescheduled for Friday.

* no humble brag for me, just plain brag

** I'm sure others have done this before, and it's probably a fairly obvious solution, but I've never thought of it