Dean Johnston

Originally from New Zealand, I am a photographic portrait artist working mostly in and around Tokyo and the Kanto region, Japan, and servicing mainly English speaking clients. I also occasionally have the privilege of working internationally. The majority of what I do is some form of portraiture. 

For portraiture, I offer a creative and professional service, supplying images with a modern yet classic style. For this kind of work I charge very competitive fees.

If your needs are not in an area of photography I'm primarily engaged in (e.g. you desire product photography, etc.), I am still willing to accommodate in terms of very competitive pricing and service. Please contact me to discuss details about this. 

In terms of my personal photographic history, as a child I was always fascinated by photographs of people in my grandmother's book collection. When I bought my first SLR camera in 1985, it was only natural that I turned immediately to photographing people. This soon led to requests from local sports clubs, bands and parents for portraiture work. My love of portraiture has never diminished from these first youthful steps and today I greatly enjoy the satisfaction of providing clients with thoughtful, meaningful and compelling images of themselves and their loved ones.  

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Please use one of these to contact me, so we can discuss your needs.

Thank you.