Pricing Summary - The Bit You Want To Know Right Away


  • pricing starts at 27,000 yen
  • portraiture work varies greatly in scope, scale and complexity, as well as intended usage, and is therefore priced individually on a case by case basis
  • having said that, my rates are extremely competitive
  • please use the form below to contact me so we can discuss your needs and arrange a portrait session

The Rational

  • the prices I currently charge for non-commercial portraiture are extremely low. I am doing this because I believe any and everyone should be able to have a really good photograph of themselves. For example, my most popular custom package, based around a two hour portrait session, is a service I offer at around ¼ of my regular commercial rate

Did I Approach You? The Original Unusual Pricing Bit

Sometimes I see people out and about in the world that I really truly jolly well want to photograph and I approach them. If that's you, our original arrangement still exists and we'll work out the details when you e-mail me


  • your location: I travel to you, either your home, your office, your studio, atelier, factory or workplace, a nearby park, or wherever you feel would be good or would suit the look you are after

  • my location: you travel to me, and we shoot at my home studio, home environment and / or go to local locations I have scouted

  • Tokyo Portrait is so named due to the fact that the bulk of my work is done in Tokyo. However, it's important to note that I frequently work all over the Kanto region, and at times even further afield. Also, please be aware that my home studio is located in Saitama, some 30 minutes north of Tokyo by train

What To Expect

Here is what to expect during a non-commercial session and afterwards

  • a session of reasonable length. What this means is at least the time stated for the particular session type. Realistically though, a session is done when it's done and if we need to go over a little, then that is usually fine
  • good and frequent direction and help from me
  • a lot of photos to be taken, which I will later cull down to the ‘selects,’ from which the client then picks the desired final files. The number of final photographs depends on the arrangements of each particular session, but typically, clients chose packages with anywhere from two to twenty final picks
  • approximately the same amount of time as the session to be spent on digitally processing the final picks 
  • workload can vary, but expect digital delivery from around four to ten days   
  • full disclosure about what I'm doing and why. So, ask away

Contact Me

When you contact me, I will ask you some relevant questions about what you are looking for so we can quickly arrive at a competitive package that suits your needs.

Please use the form below to contact me.  Alternatively, you can e-mail me at

I'd love to hear from you.



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