Booking Confirmation - Commercial Session

This page has been provided so that clients can finalise the booking of a commercial photography session, between themselves (client) and Dean Johnston [Tokyo Portrait /] (photographer). Please fill in all the applicable sections in the form below, in English, as already discussed and agreed upon in our e-mail correspondence and / or telephone conversations. An entry is required for the fields marked with an asterisk.

Thank you. 

Note: if you are making a booking for a personal portrait session (i.e. for personal usage as outlined on this web site's Unusual Pricing Page and in The Kitchen Sink), please contact me immediately for the correct form.

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Please ask any further questions you may have here or alternatively, feel free to send a message.
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To finalise this booking, please confirm that you have read, fully understood and accept in their entirety the terms and conditions contained within this site on the page known as The Kitchen Sink, and that you are a legally competent adult and have the right to contract in your own name or your company's / employer's name without the further consent or knowledge of any other person or party (if you are not sure or have unanswered questions, choose 'Decline" and add a query / message in the field above and then click 'Submit').