Referral System - The Faux Points Card


The Faux Points Card

Loyalty cards / points cards are very popular in Japan. Most major and a great many minor chains and businesses have them. I’ve decided to introduce a ‘referral’ version for Tokyo Portrait. 

What's a 'referral?' A 'referral' is where a new client comes to me and says my services and skills were recommended by another client, that they happen to know. 

Upon four referrals from a client within a 12 month period of the completion of that client's original session, the client will receive one standard Package One portrait session for free. 

The first cool part is that the session need not be for the original client. It is transferable. By all means, have a second session for yourself, but also feel free to pass it on to Grandma, the kids, the neighbour, the best friend, that person you are trying to impress, etc. The second cool part is, those receiving a free portrait session are also able to qualify for the Faux Points Card. 


There’s always fine print

And here it is: in order to count as a referral for this system, each of the four referrals needs to be a fully completed booking (i.e. booked, paid and completed) and this all needs to happen within 12 months of the client’s original session. The usual terms and conditions apply and people receiving free portrait sessions need to be aware of copyright and usage, etc. and to sign the standard session agreements. The free portrait session provided is a standard non-commercial Package One type session for an individual or standard sized family / group (see the Unusual Pricing Page for details on package types and family / group session sizes). The dates(s) of the free portrait session are totally at my discretion and based upon availability. The location is either my home studio or within a 15 minute train travel radius of Akabane, Ueno, Ikebukuro, or Shinjuku JR stations (further if travel is paid for). The free portrait session is non-exchangeable for cash. I reserve the right to amend the terms of travel at any time.